The Judge is proud of his extended family

Amanda (l)    Audrey (r)

grandsons Cody, Josh, Dusty

great granddaughter Addie

great granddaughter Charlie
a/k/a "Hollywood"

 great granddaughter Mikayla

Addie and Hudsons parents:  Josh and Erica

D.W.'s parents:  Kelly and Dusty

daughter Joyce,   Mema Elaine,    granddaughter Amanda
together in Texas 3/2021

my "Little Cherokee Maiden"
with Apache medicine man Danny

great grandson Hudson

great grandson D.W.

Mikayla's parents:  Miranda and Cody

Charlie's parents:  
granddaughter Audrey and daddy Dustin

daughter Joyce
(Josh, Dusty, Cody)

daughter Judy
(Audrey, Amanda)

Mema and Grandma in 2010
Grandma's 90th birthday party

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