due to the Covid 19 pandemic

the Judge will not be performing in public any time soon.

See you when everyone has their shots!

Stay Safe - Wear a mask!

The Judge rewrote the words to an old childrens song

to reflect the reality of a COVID 19 world.

Click the mask above to listen

He sings it here accompanied by the Wynne Jammers band 

in Mission, TX  on 3/2021

Everyone in the Wynne Jammers band is at least 72 years old.

The Wynne Jammers band leader is Dick Wynne

thanks to Linda Pierce for recording this video for The Judge

a real judge with a real sense of humor! 

the Rio Grande Valley's

most popular

Master of Ceremonies

Winter or Summer - call on THE JUDGE!


THE JUDGE SINGS the Texas Version of

"I wish I was back on the farm"

Click the pic above to see the video

with famed country guitarist Dale Wayman - in South Texas 

This "Texas Version is based on a George Formby classic

Click on this pic to see the Judge sing

"My DIng-a-ling"

click the picture to see the video

The Judge joins the Wynne Jammers to sing

an old Country song from 1949

This is the first try with no rehearsal

Everyone in the band is at least 72 years old!!!!

 The Judge plays a boogie-woogie banjolele

and a country style ukulele in his show.

Now THAT'S Funny!

PLUS a few tall tales and some great comedy too!

The Judge was proud to be a small part of


"RGV Git-r-Done" Bluegrass and Country Music Band

which provides a benefit show series

with 100% of all donations benefit St. Jude's Hospital!


he is now the
Rio GrandeValley's
most popular
Master of Ceremonies!

The Judge
is a true Master of Humor!
Have The Judge
over your next event.
You will laugh your

The Judge
holds "court" 

Whenever the program calls for a great
Master of Ceremonies
who is also a
Master of Humor
 call on
The Judge!

Have gavel ..... will travel


above and below

The Judge at work in his courthouse



 to book   

The Judge   

at your event email him at:




The Bandwagon Country

Music Theater

The Judge performed with

award winning

Australian Country Music

recording artists

The Legarde Twins


above TO SEE A VIDEO about their career


Frizell Country Music Show


in character as Father Time



The Judge

occasionally surprises audiences with his ukulele playing and siinging!

Now THAT"S funny!


The Judge will sometimes sing

a Spanish or a Portuguese song too!




has been entertaining audiences on both sides of of the Mason/Dixon line for years!

He has appeared with celebrities from musicians and entertainers to politicians to TV and radio personalities!



The Judge

to   who?


THE JUDGE with the HEB Hippies

the JUDGE was an HEB spokesperson at the Rio Grande Valley Music Festival

for many years!



 The Judge and "Cousin Minnie" join the Pausitive Family (now Southern Anthem) Band

click the picture to watch the video


The Judge loves

doing charity events!

Look for The Judge from Falcon Lake to South Padre Island

helping raise funds for the music students of the various school districts of the Rio Grande Valley!

Contact THE JUDGE for your next charity event!



 photo by ROD


Click on this picture 
to see what these dancing girls
did to The Judge

The Eureka Country Music Theater

The Judge sang, joked,

and appeared in character with 

The Swannee River Boys    



The Judge in character as Santa

gets a kiss from his main helper

at the

Ozark Mountains Hoe Down Theater




miles of smiles!


always amusing!




Here comes...

 "The Judge"


  A REAL judge with a REAL sense of humor!






at the annual

Wahoo, Nebraska

the last week of June nearly every year




 a really old Judge - 

Justice Pike    AR. Supreme Court 1864 



and his


bring a smile to your group


The Judge

said what?

to   who?

In memory of a great fiddler

and a great person

Jay Kelly

ave atque vale

rest in peace old friend

A very young Judge was Provincetown (MA) Town Manager in 1971


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